Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call to book an event?

Contact  719-542-1100 to book your next event.

When is my tentative date released for rebooking?

You must book your event within 10 business days of the tentative booking date to secure your event date. 

Who do I contact about event details?

When you're ready to work out all the details, call our Event Manager, at 719-542-1100.

Is parking free?

The Pueblo Convention Center offers free parking.  Parking is located at the south end of the building.

What is the capacity of the Pueblo Convention Center?

The Pueblo Convention Center's Fortino Grand Hall can accomodate 1,300 people. 

Where can I find hotel space?

The Courtyard Marriott Pueblo is attached to the Pueblo Convention Center.  Call the Courtyard Marriott Pueblo  at 719-542-3200 to make your reservations.