Personal Consultants

Our people are true professionals, here to help you plan, coordinate and execute your event. From beginning to end, our staff works hard to make your job easier, and your special event a complete success.  Contact our staff for:
  • Event Booking - Contact the Sales Department to book your next event. 
  • Event Coordinating - Contact our Event Manager when you're ready to work out the details, from ticket sales to linen colors.  We'll make sure your every need is met.
  • Event Marketing - Our Marketing Department offers an ad program to help promote your big event.
  • Menu Planning - Contact our Food and Beverage Director for creative menus to help satisfy and impress your hungry guests.
  • AV/Utility - Our Operations Department will provide the technical assistance to help you host a professional event, whether your event require conference calls and wireless internet connection, to projection set-up and electrical lines.
  • Billing Questions - Contact our Finance Department for all your billing questions.
To reach any of the above departments please call 719-542-1100